Bisexual Erotica -- Call for Contributions

What is bisexual erotica anyway?

Is it a story where the characters have sex with men and women at the same time... a piece where a woman dressed as a man looks for sex in a public toilet... a novel set on a planet where there is more than two sexes... a poem for a lover whose sex is unspoken?

It's all of these things and much more than we could ever put together in one book - but we're trying.

A group of UK bisexual activists is currently compiling an anthology of sexually explicit pieces which represent bisexual desire and expression. We aim to showcase the diversity of bisexual erotic writing and also to present a collection centred around bisexual desires, which are often marginalised in erotic anthologies focused on gay or heterosexual expression.

To make this happen, we need contributions from you. There are no restrictions as to the form, genre or theme of your piece, but we do need you to feature some character development and thematic substance, rather than just a description of a series of sex acts. Contributions should be 5,000 words maximum in length. You do not need to identify as bisexual to contribute but the theme of the work must be in some sense oriented towards bisexual culture, desire or activity (not that we're going to define any of these for you...!)

Here's some thematic keywords - you could include (but are not limited to!) the following:

Celibacy - monogamy - non-monogamy - genderplay - gender politics - identity politics - - biphobia - fluid sexual identity - non-traditional relationships - non-traditional roles - gender transgression - BDSM - Power Exchange - bisexual culture - contemporary culture - non-Western concepts of bisexuality

Interested? Maybe even a bit aroused at the thought? Great. Here's how to get involved:

We are happy for authors to remain anonymous in the final collection, but we do need some sort of contact phone no or address in the first instance. All contributions remain the copyright of the author, and will remain confidential.

Deadline: April 1999.