Breaking the Barriers to Desire: Polyamory, Polyfidelity and Non-monogamy -- new approaches to multiple relationships

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``A fascinating and provocative look at a neglected aspect of sexuality" Sue George, Journalist and author of Women and Bisexuality

``Can we really have what we long for?! These amazing stories hint at how to build a more open, loving community. Best of all they give me hope" Loraine Hutchins, Editor of Bi Any Other Name and leading figure in the US Poly and Bi movements.


The book is 144 pages long and features: A glossary, bibliography and list of resources are provided.

See the Preface and sample articles by Bernadette Lynn Bosky and Carol Queen (this last is to appear in a next edition if there is to be one). ISBN: 0 907123 36 8

Publication Date: 1.6.95

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Five Leaves Publications, PO Box 81, Nottingham, NG5 4ER, UK

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Kevin Lano and Claire Parry

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Emma Donoghue, Alison Rowan, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Bernadette Bosky, Claire Parry, Kevin Lano, Jennifer Rycenga, and many others.

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Distributor: AK Press, PO Box 40682, San Francisco, California, 94140-0682, USA.

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